August 19, 2017

Esmeralda Djali Willow Tree Figgy Pudding.

Esmeralda Djali Willow Tree Figgy Pudding. Esme. I would call your complete name often in all its' lyrical familiarity and you would always come running to me, especially when I would playfully demand, "Where are you?" and "What took you so long?" You were eleven years old when you left us on Wednesday the 16th of August and I'm still trying to understand what happened. Didn't we make a pact that you would live well into your twenties? You were and always will be my, Tiny Dancer ; four tiny, wee pounds of unwavering loyalty and love,  dancing around me like ethereal wisps of light and air, lifting me up every single day of your life. It's fair to say you only had eyes for me and my eyes in turn sought yours out whenever I could throughout the day to confirm that , dare I admit it out loud? You were my oyster with not one grain of sand in it, like my other equally cherished pets who had come before you and who are with me now, nor were you my oyster with  two grains of sand.  You were my necklace of pearls. . .  no, still that is not enough. You were a thousand pearls strung together to form a cloak that shielded me from loneliness and reminded me that love and gentleness can be reciprocated. You were  an uncommon gift from nature, a treasured gift from the great spirit above. You slept with me, curled up in my arms, every single day of your life. You weren't in my arms the night before we had to say our last good-bye.  The next morning, the morning you left , you summoned all your remaining strength and you jumped onto the bed as if wanting to remedy that small infraction. I placed your frail body in the middle of the bed and covered you in blankets. I lay next to you and sang you our song. I sang over and over until the words felt empty, until I felt empty knowing what was to inevitably come. I left you to get a glass of water. When I returned, your spirit was gone. You had managed to slip out from under the covers in the middle of the bed and you had made your way to the upper part of the bed, to the spot where you had lain next to me every single night for the eleven years of your life. I wrapped you in  blankets again and curled around you. I sang the song. I sang the song I sang every night before we would fall asleep. I sang the song one last time." Who loves you pretty baby? Who's going to hold you through the night? Who loves you pretty baby? Who's going to love you all your life?" Esmeralda Djali Willow Tree Figgy Pudding. Esme. My Tiny Dancer. How fortunate were we to be in the world, together, at the same time. 


July 29, 2017

Queen Mitalee HoneyBee.

I wanted to let you know that we said good-bye to our baby girl, Mitalee HoneyBee, on the morning of Friday, July 28th, 2017. 

Mitalee passed away at home , quietly, peacefully, gently, very much as she herself led her life. Both Peter (Daddyman) and myself were by her side, stroking and talking to her. Peter wanted to tell you that on Thursday evening, the night before Mitalee left us, she summoned all her remaining strength and very matter of factly jumped off her favourite cat tree into Peter's lap. He was reading the newspaper and she seemed to be telling him, as she had done countless times in the fourteen years we shared with her, that petting and admiring her were far healthier a pass-time than filling one's head with the monstrosities taking place in the world that are deemed newsworthy. It would be the last time she jumped into his lap while he attempted to read his newspaper ;  her melodic, sweet-sounding, content purring filled the empty space, filled his entire being with delight as he happily indulged her small demand. She was, right to the very end, a Daddy's girl. Rest in peace Mitalee HoneyBee, our beautiful LeeLee Bee, our gentle BumbleBee, our exalted, Queen Bee. You will be forever loved and missed by family and friends but especially by me, who loved you dearly.


July 28, 2017

Fashion Friday with Duffy and his flannels.

Duffy, " Hi ya! Here we are at the end of the work week having a look-see into my closet for another fun, Fashion Friday! This week I will show you a few of my flannel bandanas as well as one made from seersucker and finally, a cotton bandana with my name on it!"

 Duffy, " I am posing in the back garden with a very serious look on my face because Wilhelmina is chewing on a bone right below my chair. How rude!"

Duffy, " It makes it very difficult to concentrate on my modeling techniques!"

Duffy, " The first bandana you saw is seersucker , not flannel, and quite lightweight and perfect for summer wear! The second bandana is flannel with a fun bicycle print. In the photo above, I am wearing a yellow gingham, flannel bandana. I decided to change locations to model my flannel dinosaurs bandana."

Duffy, " Here is my first . . . "

Duffy, " . . . my second . . ."

Duffy, "  . . .  and my third, serious pose wearing my flannel, dinosaurs bandana!"

Duffy, "Of course all that seriousness, didn't last long!"

Duffy, " This is my cotton bandana with my name stitched at the top. I love the anchors on it!"

Duffy, " Here is a close-up of my name. I'm glad there were no errors in the stitching and spelling of my name. Some people call me, Fluffy, by mistake. I think that's rude! I hope you enjoyed another Fashion Friday with me. Join me next week when Levon and I will team up with our favourite fashion statements!"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

July 26, 2017

A few words on Wednesday with Levon!

Levon, " I've been thinking about this new modeling gig Duffy has suddenly conjured up on the blog and decided I could do that too! I mean, I'll have to be careful about my figure as models are wont to do. I have to be honest, I love my food (as well as Malou's, Esme's, Mitalee's, Duffy's and Wilhelmina's), but I'm quite certain I can practice self restraint if the job demands it!"

Levon, " Modeling pays well. I'll probably spend all my extra change on food though."

Levon, " Hmmm. That might be a problem in the long run!"

Levon, " Anyhoo! Here is , as Duffy would say, my serious pose! This pose was tricky since I needed to be certain the orca was well placed, to ensure the viewer could see it to advantage!"

Levon, " This is my waiting for a treat, um, looking interested yet contemplative pose!"

Levon, " Here is my waiting for another treat looking deep into the faraway future pose!"

Levon, " I'll finish with the obligatory head tilt!  All in all, I believe I modeled brilliantly! I hope Duffy supports my new career move ; we certainly would make a talented duo!"

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

July 24, 2017

Fresh water lake fun with the pups!

 Wilhelmina, " Here I am at the lake with Duffy! We haven't been here since last summer when I was a little tyke but we remember this lake and love it still!"

 Wilhelmina, " We love all the smells we find here because this part of the beach is for dogs only!"

 Wilhelmina, " It's a beautiful lake! "

 A beautiful lake.

Duffy, " We saw many, happy dogs, cavorting!"

Bentley, " Wilhelmina, would you care to play with me?"

Duffy, " I love to watch Wilhelmina romp, skip and dance!"

Wilhelmina, " Lake water is warmer than ocean water! Come on Daddyman! Let's play!"

Wilhelmina," Hey, you, Little Thief! Come back with my toy!"

Wilhelmina, " It was such a fun afternoon until I noticed this on our way out!"

Wilhelmina, " I was a very good girl while Daddyman rinsed the sand off my furs!"

Wilhelmina, " But all I could think of, was how much I wanted to go back to the lake to play with all of my new friends!"

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo